Get Patches for Your Troop

How to Earn the Patch

Thank you for checking out our website for your troop. There is more than one way your troop members can complete the modules to earn the patch.

  1. Girls can complete the modules on their own.
  2. You can work through the modules as a troop or in groups.
  3. After completing the modules, you can expand on the topics by using the Extended Learning page.

At your discretion, you may use the Girl Scout Sensitive Issues Permission Form for the sexual health module.

Each module is designed to take about 15-20 minutes to complete. When the girls have gone through all six and pass the final quiz with 80% or above, they will receive a digital completion certificate. This is for your use only, so you know who has earned the patch. It can be printed, downloaded or simply shown to you in person.

When you know how many patches you need, simply fill out the Patch Request Form below and the CDC Museum will send them to you for distribution.

Extended Learning

We have created an Extended Learning page for your use as a troop leader. You will find Discussion Points, Public Health Service Activities, Things to Consider for Your Own “Take Action” Project, and Additional Resources. Use of this page is not a requirement for the patch, but it’s a good way to check understanding and think about what more can be done for public health in your own community and beyond.

Request Public Health Patches for Your Troop

Troop Leaders Only