Mental Health

What is Mental Health?
Mental health is basically a measurement of how you feel, and it has a critical role in public health. It affects how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.

If someone has mental health challenges, there is help. In some cases, just talking to a friend or medical professional is enough. With more long-lasting conditions like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, a person might require medication or additional management tools. Either way, it’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about.

How Does Mental Health Affect Teens?
Teens know all about emotions and what can happen when those feelings are intense. We all have to deal with some level of stress, right? By learning coping mechanisms as soon as you can, it helps relieve the stress and anxiety that can often lead to depression. Tragically, there is a very high suicide rate for teens, and we need to learn how to help ourselves and others.

Learning to Cope with Trauma and Drama

Be a Good Listener

When you understand the mental strains people may experience, it empowers you to make positive changes for yourself and support others.


Physical activity is a good way to manage stress. Moving around, taking deep breaths and just being more aware of your surroundings can help as well.

Get Enough Sleep

Seriously, it’s nearly impossible to be your best self when you are sleep-deprived.

Create a Routine

Sometimes our lives feel a little out of control. Creating a schedule for yourself can help you regain a little control. For example, you could claim 40 minutes for yourself every morning to stretch and reflect. That’s your time, and you control it.

Talk About It

Being open about what you’re dealing with can really make a difference. It’s important, however, that it’s a person who is trustworthy, compassionate and qualified. Sometimes the support of a friend is all you need. Other times, a medical professional may provide strategies or medications that can help you feel more like yourself. Never give up!

Ask for Help

You don’t have to do everything by yourself and for yourself. There are people who understand. Whether you need help organizing, doing schoolwork, staying focused, or getting negative feelings under control, there is help. Just ask.

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Benefits of Physical Activity

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Coping with Stress

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